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Health begins in the mind

At MVS Group, we believe that a healthier and fuller life begins with a stronger mind. We support our patients to discover sustainable ways to respond to life’s adversities as well as understand the meaning and complexity of their past experiences and how these interface with present issues. Our holistic and individual approach to your wellbeing uses a combination of innovative and targeted psychological treatments. Max, our director, is a leading clinical psychologist in Melbourne and is dedicated to making your experience with us one of fulfilment and complete understanding through our trusted care. Together, we can make a difference.

Our approach

Did you know that mental disorders are among the most frequently encountered illnesses second only to cardiovascular disease? In the course of a lifetime, one in four individuals will develop a psychiatric disorder.

Stress, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, poor self-esteem, sleep disorders, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, trauma, and eating disorders are conditions which, if they persist, can have detrimental effects on your health, relationships, and performance at work. Learn more.

Max von Sabler

Director & Clinical Psychologist
BPsychSci(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS, FCCLP, MACPA, MEMDRAA, MAICD


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